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Phone Display Repair

The most common phone damage faced by everybody is broken screen. At Wireless World we come across many customer who accidentally drop their phone and get their display broken. We fix phone display within 30 minutes.

Phone Charging Port Repair

Phone charging port can be repair or replaced at Wireless World, depending on the damage. If the existing charging port is good enough to be fixed we do it instantly. You can also opt to get your phone charging port replaced at our store.

Phone Motherboard Repair

Wireless World, has some of the best phone repair technician in whole of Brampton. These skilled people repair all kinds of phone with serious damage in motherboard. Mostly, the damage caused by water on your phone demands motherboard repairing.

Phone Battery Repair

every phone battery have a durability age, but sometime they tend to drain out before their actual expire date. In such case we repair them or replace them with a brand new battery.